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I have known Kelly as my realtor for over 15 years.

She has helped me navigate and negotiate through several real estate transactions with professional prowess. Perhaps the greatest thing I admire about Kelly is her commitment to her clients. She could have given up on me a long time ago when I was dragging my feet or unsure as to which neighborhood or property to pursue. She stayed with me even though my "file" grew larger and larger :) She's not just an excellent professional but a sincere person, which to me means more than anything.

Daniel Pyne

Kelly Mead is a truly consummate professional.

She's knowledgeable about the industry, she's knowledgeable about the product, and perhaps most important of all, she's got great touch. Kelly helped me with my first purchase and was truly an invaluable partner throughout. I can only sing Kelly's highest praise and encourage any type of client -- individual, investor, or otherwise -- to seek out Kelly.


We recently worked with Kelly Mead from Baird and /Warner on the sale of our condo at Fulton House on Canal St.

I have worked with several realtors in the past and Kelly is top notch. She got right to it, assessed the condo, and provided us with copious comps in the area, guiding us in what to leave and what to take, scheduling appointments and keeping us always in the loop. She alerted us when things went wrong( washing machine started leaking) and when we could not get to the property she stepped up and took care of things herself. Her competence, patience sense of humor and attitude quelled my anxiety. She (and my husband) carried the load. She kept things on track without pushing and always gave us space to think about things. In the end it was a learning experience and working with Kelly was fun I appreciate her, and highly recommend her knowledge in the field. I would turn to her in a drop dead second if we need to in the future.

Reven Fellers

My needs were very specific.

I was looking for an ADA compliant apartment with a walk-in shower and wide doorways. I was totally lost when my step-daughter suggested I contact Kelly. I was not disappointed. Kelly was empathetic, non judgmental, knowledgeable, and patient. She was professional and at the same time made me feel comfortable. At a time of extreme personal stress, Kelly took a lot of pressure off apartment hunting.

Sadhana Alangar

11/28/2018I've purchased two condos with Kelly acting as my buyer agent.

In both cases she was professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. I would definitely work with her again.

Deann O.

Kelly Mead was a perfect realtor for me.

Very thourough, understanding and patient. I was fortunate that I met her at the right tim eon my life. She worked very diligently to make my first real estate purchase a positive experience.

Bobbi Montejo

Kelly was wonderful to work with.

She was always available and was willing to go to battle with us. We had a tricky negotiation for a rental and the landlord tried to go back on his word and she held her ground and was diligent. We are very happy with our location and the hard work of Kelly Mead!

Mary Catherine Healy

Kelly was a tremendous help to us and did a great job giving us both options and support throughout!

5 star rating and would recommend.

Jack Parsley

I am super glad that Kelly was my agent as a first time homeowner.

She was super knowledgeable and truly cares for her clients. She always has the best interest for her clients even if it’s more work on her end. Kelly was very responsive which I loved!

Christopher Rodriguez

Kelly has been very kind, outgoing, knowledgeable, and has offered herself to do tasks that are outside what a normal agent would do.

As an out of state client coming into Chicago, Kelly made the transition so much easier and less stressful. Her knowledge of the areas I was researching as well as expertise of other things such as parking, utility providers, etc. was truly above and beyond.

Xavier Martinez

We are out of town buyers that purchased a group of Oak Park condos from a bank sale.

Kelly has been instrumental, invaluable in providing the local market insight required to guide through the sales process. We have sold over 60% of the units in just five months, all at or above our pre acquisition estimates. In addition to excellent market insight and professionalism, Kelly has gone more than the extra mile "on the ground", as we are out of town Sellers and she has had to "pick up a lot of pieces", that normally the Seller would be required complete themselves. Great experience.

S. Ross Lerner

Kelly was very helpful in finding my new home!

I was moving from Texas and she was so good with helping me understand the best areas to be. She knows the city like the back of her hand!

Sarah O'connor

We met Kelly initially in October 2016, not knowing for sure, at the time, whether moving to Chicago was our ultimate goal.

Not wishing to waste her time, we were as forthright as we could be about our situation. In a couple of days, she acquainted us with the state of the market in Chicago and provided invaluable guidance that helped us to make the life-changing decision to relocate here. She instantly grasped precisely what we were looking for and upon our return to the city, was able to show us, in a matter of days, a number of apartments that were ideal for our tastes, needs and budget. She never showed us a single listing that was unsuitable or beyond our budget. From there, the entire process, from offer to closing was handled with professionalism, sensitivity and efficiency. We would be pleased to recommend Kelly's services unhesitatingly to anyone.

Ann Harrison

Kelly was absolutely amazing as our agent!

We had several friends who suggested that we do it by ourselves given our bad experience with agents in Chicago. After meeting Kelly - that was over with. She was such a priceless professional, both myself and my spouse felt we couldn’t have done it without her. She is the perfect professional- detailed, honest, knowledgeable, informed, constantly striving to take care of her clients, and adheres to professional integrity at all times. We feel that we were so fortunate to come across her, just as we were ready to give up. I urge you to look at other reviews - there is a reason she has perfect scores. She is the best Realtor you could ever hope to have. We are life long customers of hers. If we sell or buy, no hesitation- Kelly will be our agent.

Paul Stevin Phipps

I highly recommend Kelly Mead, who came recommended to me by my architect.

I had Kelly rent my apartment in Lincoln Park during a slow rental season, and she went " above and beyond" to make sure my unit was visible in every possible place, from the MLS to Zillow and even Craigs List. . She personally attended the showing for every prospect. She did not use a lock box. She clearly has in-depth knowledge of the market and market trends. She gave me feedback after each showing, and kept me in close communication. It was a pleasure to work with her.

John Davidson

Kelly Mead was our realtor and we are so grateful for all of her hard work in helping us both sell our home and find a new place.

We had many special requests and Kelly did her best to accommodate us every step of the way. Especially considering we did our move during the pandemic, Kelly went above and beyond to help us! There were many obstacles but she helped us navigate through everything. In the end we got more than we hoped for thanks to Kelly. Thank you for never giving up on us!!

Julianne Medrano

Kelly was able to sell our rental home under some challenging circumstances.

We reside out of state and depended on her to coordinate everything. The house needed repairs and improvements … new carpet, hardwood floors refinished, drywall work and paint, minor electrical and plumbing repairs. Kelly got estimates and supervised the work. Even when the market slowed, she reassured us she could deliver. I believe she went above and beyond what a typical realtor would do. Thank you, Kelly!

Patrick Jose

I contacted Kelly for help finding my son and his roommate an apartment in Chicago.

We were completely unfamiliar with the city and did not have time to go see the apartments in person. Kelly set up a search for us that gave us great options. She gave us invaluable information on different neighborhoods and areas. She then took the time to go see several apartments and provide us with valuable feedback. Based on her recommendations and advice, we found a great apartment in Lincoln Park that absolutely exceeded our expectations. Kelly was responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the entire process!

Laura Simmons

Kelly was fantastic through the whole process!

She put great thought into positioning our condo in the market and we got strong offers immediately because of her upfront work.

Kiley Stevenson

I could not recommend Kelly enough!

She was extremely patient, answered all of my questions (and as a first time buyer, I had quite a few questions) and made me feel comfortable with such a complex process. Kelly's experience with all aspects of home buying led me to finding the perfect home and I could not be happier!

David Pfest
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"I had a great experience working with Kelly! I was moving across the country and she really went above and beyond with helping me list and sell my apartment. She took the initiative with finding painters (multiple quotes), finding a cleaning service, staging the apartment, and coordinating with the building management all while I was in another state. I barely had to do anything! When it came down to negotiating she really had my best interests in mind. I would 100% recommend working with Kelly!"
5 /5.0
by Libby Roark
"Kelly did a great job guiding us on our first hot purchase in the United States. I felt confident with her advice, and we knew we were in good hands. Thank you, Kelly, for helping us find the perfect place and for all the guidance! we totally recommend you! Thank You!"
5 /5.0
by JaimeGiraldo74
"Kelly is exactly the realtor we needed and such a spectacular person to work with—even more so for first-time buyers. We have bought with her twice (a condo in the city—our first purchased home—and a house in the suburbs) and listed our condo to rent through her.She does such a classy job of helping you see exactly what you can get within the parameters you set for yourself, never pushing you in one direction or another, but rather painting a clear picture for you to make an informed decision. She has always been very open and honest, including when she thought we were settling and could get more of what we originally wanted within the same price range. She is extraordinarily reliable and on top of everything, including your attorney and lender if they ever begin dropping the ball.And on a more personal note, she has always had so much patience and grace with us. We must have seen over 60 homes in Naperville, making a 1+ hour commute each day we went out there (as would she). We would have our toddler and infant in tow (with feeding breaks to make the process even less efficient)and it was in the height of a pandemic when showings were even harder to schedule because sellers were at home more, and she made every showing work for us. She helped us find the exact beautiful home where we get to raise our children.We are so grateful for Kelly."
5 /5.0
by monikam04
"Kelly has done it again. We've made all our home purchases with her and found renters through her, and now sold our city condo through her. I've said it before and it's always the first two words that come to mind when I think about working with Kelly--she is classy and handles everything with grace.We were very discouraged because just before we went on the market with our condo, the next door neighbor sold theirs at a jarringly low value due to simply offboarding it and possibly selling to someone they knew. They could stand to do this since they had bought it in a down market. We didn't have that luxury.But Kelly stayed cool and encouraged us to price where we would feel good about selling. We did and she combatted the disproportionate comp so professionally getting a buyer in seamlessly as the renters moved out. She not only helped us get the sale we needed to feel good, but also paved the way for the rest of our building to regain value.What's more, Kelly has now made a huge difference in my parents' lives. After a devastating accident and air-ambulancing my father to Chicago to get care locally, Kelly took up helping them find the right condo to rent out for the year he needs to stay local for outpatient rehab. She exhibited so much knowledge of ADA housing needs and was so empathetic as they struggled to decide where they could feel at home in such a large and unfamiliar city.We all strive for an agent with industry knowledge, urgency, professionalism, and an agent that truly looks for your best interest. Kelly brings all of that to you, to everyone you refer her way, and continues to impress us every time we work with her."
5 /5.0
by monikam04
"Kelly was amazing to work with! She goes above and beyond to not only sell your house, but to get the best price for it as well!I highly recommend Kelly when you are looking to buy or sell! No one knows the area market like she does!!She sold our home in a tough market in less than a week!!!"
5 /5.0
by Sean Widner
"Kelly has done a great job for us all along. We’ve been searching for a purchase for over a year, and haven’t found the right one yet, but Kelly has been hardworking, diligent, and terrifically observant at every step. With her expertise, she is always pointing out important details on the property’s condition and other matters about which we wouldn’t know. Since we had to move, she found us a great condo rental, getting us in to see it first. We’re optimistic that, with Kelly watching out for us, the right purchase is waiting for us soon."
5 /5.0
by greg64431
"Kelly is a fantastic realtor. She recently helped us sell our home and purchase a new home. She understands the market and really listened to us. Her design background was incredibly useful in not only preparing our home for sale, but also very important in helping us visualize how our family could use the space in our new home."
5 /5.0
by leann lancaster
"Kelly helped us both buy and sell our Condo in Lincoln Park and both experiences with her were phenomenal. We can not recommend Kelly enough, from her market expertise and due diligence to pricing our home and setting us up for success to sell, to her communication and decor + design knowledge, she was a great fit for us. We had the upmost confidence in her services."
5 /5.0
by caits929
"Kelly has been our realtor since for over 20+ years helping us rent our condo in the city, buy our house in the suburbs and just last year sell our rental property on the northside of Chicago. We moved out of town due to work but we continued to use Kelly to sell our rental property. She made it extremely easy for our sale, directly dealt with our renter, advised us what she felt needed to be fixed to maximize the value of our condo. She advised on where the price should be and gave us great feedback on showings. Once we had a serious buyer (it was fast), she had identified a Lawyer who could assist us and he was even amazing. We trusted Kelly with the sale and were put at easy even though we didn't live in the state when this sale was done. She even found quality renters to rent our apartment. Thanks for everything Kelly."
5 /5.0
by Rene Marano
"I highly recommend Kelly, whether you are buying or selling your home. When I was a first time buyer, she held my hand through the entire process. She was helpful in all home viewings - making helpful suggestions on how the space would work for you, etc. When it came time to write an offer, she used her market knowledge and expertise to negotiate a deal that got me the condo I was after. I also used Kelly when it was time to sell my condo. Again, her attention to detail when prepping for an open house and to put the unit on the market was second to none. It's clear Kelly knows the business and the Chicago area, but does not put any pressure on you to make a decision until you have all the facts and insight necessary to make real estate decisions. I would work with Kelly again in a heartbeat!"
5 /5.0
by Renee Cox
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